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26 NOVEMBER 2020


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The event was hosted at the III International Triple Helix Virtual Summit, on 24-26 November 2020, which is leading figures from science, industry and politics who discuss the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic and other pressing grand challenges and how to address them via digital and sustainable innovation under the motto “Designing globally connected regional innovation ecosystems”.
During the workshop, the Circular economy opportunities and barriers were presented and discussed. Circular Economy is at the same time a disruptive and extremely simple concept because it forces us to think from the ground up and only put forward solutions that can be successful, both for the environment and for the business. This last point has the biggest power because making the right choice isn’t always the most convenient choice for a business, but it is fast becoming the only choice. Circular Economy has not any limitations; it can be applied in any industry and in every country.
But, in a port ecosystem? Which barriers and challenges must consider? Which opportunities can be reached? Which is the role of the regulations to cope barriers and challenges in Circular Economy? How the evolution of the legislation for the applicability of Circular Economy processes?
Loop-Ports project, funded by EIT-Climate KIC, is talking with the European Port Authorities and the main key players for facilitating the transition into circular economy, with the definition of a Network of European port for circular economy.
The structure of the workshop was as follows:
• Introduction and Italian Ministry of Economic development greetings (5’)
• The Loop-Ports project experience about circular economy and European ports – (5’)
• The Loop-Ports case studies and results (10’)
• Circular economy: opportunities and barriers (10’)
• Ports green development (5’)
• Circular Economy and Policies for eco-sustainable development (5’)
• Q&A and discussion (10’)

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