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Join the circular economy network of ports to share and learn from best practices

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Creating a network of ports will facilitate the engagement of ports and stakeholders in discussions on their needs, constraints, opportunities and best practices planned or already implemented in ports, increasing their overall awareness and understanding of the concept of circular economy.

By facilitating the connection and communication between

stakeholders, it will allow them to easily share their expertise obtained through personal experience in real-life use-cases, allowing the less experienced to familiarise themselves in terms of current best practices related to circular economy and serve as a tool to replicate the practices in their own context/use-cases if possible.

As ports play such a crucial role in circular economy, the network of ports will work as a facilitator to find synergies and promote/push all ports to upgrade their current sustainable status in their transitions to a circular economy.

Members of The Network of Ports

Autoridad Portuaria de Baleares (Spain)
Autoridad Portuaria de S.C. de Tenerife (Spain)
Baltic Ports Organisation (BPO)
Bilbao port (Spain)
Center for Logistik og Samarbejde (Denmark)
Central Adriatic Ports Authority – Ancona (Italy)
Centre North Adriatic Sea Port Authority – Ravenna (Italy)
Centre-North Tyrrhenian Sea Port Authority – Rome (Italy)
CLARA – Servizi ambientali per il territorio (Italy)
Copenhagen-Malmö Port AB (Denmark and Sweden)
Danish Maritime (Denmark)
Danske Havne (Denmark)
European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO)
Generalitat Valenciana – Valencian Regional Authority managing industrial and fishing ports as well as marinas (Spain)
Intermodal Transport Cluster (Croatia)
Ionian Sea Port Authority – Port of Taranto (Italy)
Medports Association (France)
North Adriatic Sea Port Authority – Venice and Chioggia (Italy)
Port Authority of Alicante (Spain)
Port Authority of Barcelona (Spain)
Port Authority of Gijón (Spain)
Port Authority of Huelva (Spain)
Port Authority of Piraeus (Greece)
Port Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea – La Spezia and Marina di Carrara (Italy)
Port Authority of Valencia (Spain)
Port of Bourgas JSC (Bulgaria)
Port of Castellón (Spain)
Port of Dunkirk (France)
Port of Frederikshavn (Denmark)
Port of Hamburg Marketing (Germany)
Port of Klaipeda (Lithuania)
Port of Koper (Luka Koper) (Slovenia)
Port of Leixoes (Portugal)
Port of Málaga (Spain)
Port of Marseille Fos (France)
Port of Messina e Milazzo (Italy)
Port of Ploče Authority (Croatia)
Port of Santander (Spain)
Port of Split (Croatia)
Port of Tallinn (Estonia)
Port of Zadar Authority (Croatia)
Puertos del Estado – Spanish Ports State Authority – (Spain)
Ravenna Municipality (Italy)
Southern Adriatic Sea Port Authority – Bari (Italy)
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