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Discover the main objectives and expected results of the LOOP-Ports Project funded by EIT (European Institute of Innovation & Technology) under the Climate-KIC initiative to achieve a real switch to a circular economy in EU ports


Circular economy
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The main goal of the LOOP-Ports project is to facilitate the transition to a more circular economy in the port sector, where products, materials and resources are maintained in the economy for as long as possible, and the waste generation minimised.

This project will contribute to the transition of the European economy towards closed-loop systems through the creation of a circular economy network of ports, which will provide an innovation ecosystem around the port activity and stimulate circular economy initiatives in ports. The network will focus on high-emitting materials, mainly metals, plastics, cements and biomaterials.

Establishment of a database with all the information collected from the EU ports (following the variables considered as relevant to map the EU ports in terms of circular economy).

Compilation of a wide range of examples of circular economy activities already implemented in the port sector at EU level as well as some additional best practices around the world.

Analysis of the main drivers (legal, policy, finance, market structures, etc.) to identify the opportunities for intervention and to formulate specific recommendations in order to boost the development of circular economy activities in port ecosystems.

Elaboration of tailor-made training materials and development of training pilots to improve skills, knowledge and innovation capacities both within and among different port clusters.

Set-up of a web tool on circular economy showing the project’s results, enabling the exchange of information among the members of the network, stakeholders and general public.

Creation of a cross-EU Network of ports focused on circular economy activities. Organisation of workshops/roundtables on circular economy with key stakeholders to collect their interests, points of view and expectations.

Development of business models - real use cases selected during the project -, analysing their replicability in other ports with similar characteristics.

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