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7th October 2020

LOOP-Ports Circular Economy Paneuropean online workshop – 7th October 2020

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Welcome to the Circular Economy Paneuropean Workshop of the LOOP-Ports project.

The main objectives of this online session are:

The project consortium have designed a workshop where the Ports are the protagonists with circular economy as the main topic to be discussed. More than 44 port entities have been invited to participate.

The first part of the session seeks to briefly present the project to the participants. In addition, the project’s co-financer, EIT Climate-KIC, will make a presentation on the projects related to the maritime port sector that are currently underway and their connection with the circular matter. Finally, a tailored presentation about the main objectives of the sessions in the second part of the workshop will be explained.

The participants will be divided into groups based on the registration forms in order to have heterogeneous and balanced working groups to start the discussions. The sessions will focus on the possible areas of intervention in ports in relation to circular economy, a classification that will be explained in detail and which helps to divide up the topics on which ports can work. A moderator and a facilitator who are experts in that specific topic will lead each session. Once a session is over, the participants will remain in the same room and it will be the moderators and facilitators who will shift along the groups for the convenience of the participants.

One of the main objectives will be to address the barriers that organizations face and the challenges in terms of regulation, technological issues, training, etc. that concern them. In order to facilitate discussion, exchange experiences and share good ideas and practices, the session will be structured in different working sessions, mainly focused on 3 main areas (circular port assets, circular flows within ports and ports & circular markets)

We hope you find interesting our LOOP-Ports workshop proposal.

Thank you

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